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Corso MOC 2640 - Upgrading Skills from ASP to ASP.NET

Categoria Corsi MOC in accordo con Pipeline Livello
Prerequisiti The ability to create HTML pages with tables, images, and forms.
Experience using a scripting language, such as Microsoft Visual Basic
This three-day, instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are needed to successfully upgrade their existing Active Server Pages (ASP) skills, as well as upgrading their Web applications, to Microsoft ASP.NET. This course also explains the new features of ASP.NET that can then be leveraged to improve an existing Web application.
Introduction to Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application Development
Introduction to ASP.NET
Developing an ASP.NET Web Application Using Visual Studio .NET
.NET Programming Model Changes

Developing a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application User Interface
Creating an ASP.NET Web Application User Interface
Validating User Input
Creating and Using User Controls in an ASP.NET Web Form
Processing ASP.NET Web Forms

Debugging Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications
Tracing in ASP.NET Web Applications
Debugging ASP.NET Web Applications

Accessing Data Using Microsoft ADO.NET
Overview of ADO.NET
Reading Data Using DataReaders
Programmatically Accessing Data Using DataSets
Visually Generating DataSets
Data-Bound Controls
Best Practices for Secure and Reliable Data Access

Managing State in a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application
Introduction to State Management
Session State Management
Client-Side State Management

Authenticating Users
ASP.NET Authentication Model
Implementing Windows-Based Authentication in ASP.NET Web Applications
Implementing Forms-Based Authentication in ASP.NET Web Applications

Creating and Consuming XML Web Services
Introduction to XML Web Services
Creating an XML Web Service
Creating an XML Web Service Client

Calling COM Component
ASP.NET and COM Interoperability
Calling Com Objects from ASP.NET Web Forms

Migrating ASP Web Applications to Microsoft ASP.NET
Migrating an ASP Web Page
Migrating an ASP Application

Deploying Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications
ASP.NET Application Deployment Methods
Maintaining a Deployed ASP.NET Web Application
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